Eco-Expert in Four Steps with Make it Wild

20th March 2019

By Lydia Neave, Marketing Assistant, Make it Wild

Ever felt overwhelmed with the problems facing the planet? That feeling of wanting to help to make a difference, but not knowing where to start is all too familiar. Messages in the news and social media tell us we need to ‘Stop Doing That’; ‘Use These Instead’; ‘Avoid single use!’ It’s all very confusing, especially if you’re a beginner. That’s why we at Make it Wild have devised four simple steps to achieving eco-expert status!

Level 1: Eco-aware

This beginner level is all about learning. We will never have the motivation to make changes to our lifestyles if we don’t understand why it’s necessary. Make yourself aware of: climate change, and the ways mankind has contributed; the damaging effects on marine life of single-use plastic disposal ; the devastation of deforestation to feed palm oil consumption; and the environmental impacts of industries like meat and dairy, or fashion.

Once you have a good understanding, you can begin to make positive changes! Here are a few simple things you can do to reduce your environmental footprint.

  • Reuse your shopping bags; avoid plastic bags and try a fabric produce bag for loose fruit and veg
  • Avoid single use plastic water bottles; consider a plastic-free FOSH bottle
  • Turn lights and electrical appliances off when you don’t need them
  • Recycle as much as you can
  • Avoid single use coffee cups – get a reusable coffee cup
  • Drive less; consider cycling, car-sharing, or getting the bus
  • Choose the clothes line over the tumble dryer

Level 2: Eco-friendly

This intermediate level is about stepping up your efforts and trying plastic-free alternatives. Look around your kitchen and bathroom and see what swaps you can make. We have lots of plastic free, zero waste products at Make it Wild which can help you with this stage. Perhaps you could.. :

One of the easiest things you can do, to support nature and wildlife, is to plant a tree – or a few, if you can. If that’s not possible, how about dedicating a tree, as the ultimate eco-friendly zero-waste gift? The special thing about tree dedications with Make it Wild is that we will supply you with a map, so you will know the exact location of the tree.

Level 3: Eco-warrior

This level is about deeply assessing your lifestyle to determine how else you can make a difference. What is it about your consumption patterns that are most damaging? Here are a few suggestions:

Level 4: Eco-expert

This level is about a deep understanding of the human impact. Eco-experts do everything possible to reduce this impact, whilst engaging in the encouragement and education of others. People at this level are also likely to take some positive actions to support nature and the environment. Some examples of eco-expert lifestyles include:

  • Plant-based diets and veganism
  • The adoption of zero-waste and minimalism
  • Campaigning
  • Volunteering on conservation and other environmental projects
  • Engaging in community activities, such as beach cleans
  • Educating the next generation, perhaps using books such as ‘Marli’s Tangled Tale’

While we wouldn’t call ourselves ‘experts’ at Make it Wild, we try our best, and we encourage others to do likewise. All proceeds from our sales go directly to support our nature reserves.