About Us

Throughout our lives our family has adored the natural world, whether enjoying stunning views of our countryside landscape, experiencing the sheer joy of taking a woodland walk or learning about the breath-taking diversity of wildlife with which we share our planet.

But we are acutely aware of the impact that humans are having on every other species – plant and animal. Our rapidly growing population has meant we have grabbed more and more of the land for ourselves; land for growing food and for places to live and work. Worse still we have polluted and degraded the land and oceans. Even the climate is changing due to human impact.

We decided that instead of just worrying about it, we should do our bit to change this!

Putting it simply we wanted to create a bit more wild space. More trees, more meadows, more ponds. Once there is a place for wildlife, it arrives!

Hence, Make It Wild was born!

Our mission statement is:

It’s not our aim to protect nature, it’s our purpose.

We have started this project to encourage a greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the natural world. We want people to share in the beauty of the wild spaces we’re creating.

You will see that we offer tree and other dedications and a variety of nature-related gift items , ethical skin care products and products to support plastic-free living . The funds generated will be re-invested in our nature reserve projects.

We have already planted thousands of trees and dug ponds at Sylvan Nature Reserve on land previously used for grazing. We have started to plant trees at Bank Woods and will be planting many more, and digging ponds there too. We also have plans to create a wildflower meadow, and to  protect our precious Ancient Woodland to encourage natural regeneration.

Do you love nature too? Please get in touch via our Contact page, or browse our items for sale.

Helen and Christopher Neave

Co-founders, Make It Wild

It's when I listen to the silence that I hear what the world is saying

Anthony T. Hincks