Carbon Footprint Mitigation for a Business

If you are considering mitigating or offsetting your business’s carbon footprint, the first step is to work out how big it is. As a rough guide, the typical amount of carbon dioxide a business might emit each year is:

  • 20 tonnes for a small business
  • 100 tonnes for a medium-sized business
  • 1000 tonnes for a large business

We have prepared the following ‘menu’ to help you calculate an approximate carbon footprint for your business, based on the main activities causing the emission of carbon dioxide. Simply pick the closest to your situation and add up the emissions.

Heating (Natural Gas) per Year:

To heat 75m2 (small industrial space/one large room):  4.2 tonnes

To heat 250m2 (a tennis court sized building):  13.5 tonnes

To heat 500m2:  27 tonnes

To heat 1000m2: 55 tonnes

Lighting and Equipment per Year:

Lighting a large room, one or two electric appliances:  4.4 tonnes

Lighting a small building, a few electric appliances:  9 tonnes

Manufacturing power:

Very small business: < 15,000 kWh per year/annual electricity bill £1,000: 5.5 tonnes

Small business: < 30,000 kWh per year/annual electricity bill £2,000: 11 tonnes

Medium business: < 50,000 kWh per year/annual electricity bill £3,500: 18 tonnes of CO2e


Driving a medium diesel van (per 10,000 miles): 7 tonnes  

1 long haul flight (per person): 3 tonnes

Dispatching orders:

500 2kg parcels:  1 tonne

500 5kg parcels: 3.5 tonnes

1000 5kg parcels:  7 tonnes

If you would like to calculate your business’s carbon footprint more accurately, we recommend this online carbon calculator:

Ideally, you should try to reduce your emissions as much as possible. Working through the carbon calculator will help you to understand the sources of your emissions. Then, for any remaining emissions, you can consider taking steps to offset or compensate.

How can Make it Wild help?

We will plant trees for you!

Simply decide how many tonnes of carbon dioxide your business would like to offset.

The cost is £4.20 per tonne of CO2e, or £3.50 plus VAT. For businesses, carbon mitigation is available in multiples of 10 tonnes, each costing £35 plus VAT. See more information here.

We will ensure enough trees reach maturity to offset your carbon. In order to allow for natural losses, we will allocate more trees than the minimum needed per tonne to be offset.

To offset your carbon footprint on an ongoing basis, we can plant trees for your business annually.   

If you wish to simply go ahead and purchase the carbon offsetting, you can do this simply through our online shop, by clicking here.

What will my business get from Make it Wild?

If you choose to compensate for your carbon footprint through planting trees with Make it Wild … In addition to planting the trees, we will send you a certificate showing:

  • how many tonnes of carbon dioxide you have mitigated for
  • a map showing the location of the trees we have planted
  • an aerial photograph showing the exact trees assigned to you or your business

We will also send you a ‘badge’ which you can use on your email footer, on social media, on your letter-head, even on product packaging to show the world what you’re doing to protect the environment.

We will list your company as a Carbon Mitigation Partner on our website, and include a link to your company website .

Tell your customers what you are doing to help the planet

What are the benefits for my business?

Carbon offsetting through tree planting can help your business in a number of ways:

  • it is a fantastic way to fulfil your environmental policy and corporate social responsibilities
  • it will make your business attractive to the growing number of consumers who actively seek out businesses with “green” credentials
  • your customers, employees and business partners will be pleased to know that you are taking responsibility for your environmental impact
  • through calculating your carbon footprint, you may identify areas where you could use less energy, and thus save money
  • you can be proud that your business is helping nature – not only now but for decades to come

We believe that one of the best possible ways to compensate for some or all of your unavoidable  carbon footprint, is through planting trees. We are absolutely transparent in the way we designate our trees – the trees sequestering  your carbon will be in Summerbridge, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. From the aerial photograph we will send you, you will know exactly where your trees are. You can be sure that your trees will be well looked after, in Bank Woods, our protected nature reserve. We have a great record for tree planting, having planted our 25,000th tree early in 2019.

How can I find out more?

If you have any further questions, please

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  • see our Carbon Mitigation product information for businesses here.
  • attend one of our free Carbon Mitigation Information Events – keep an eye on our social media for forthcoming dates
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