Why Dedicate a Tree?

19th May 2018

‘Dedicate a Tree’ gifts are growing in popularity, and that’s no surprise to us!

Even before we set up Make it Wild, we had already given and exchanged gifts of dedications of trees in our family. We think it’s a great idea! A Dedication gift is perfect for someone who already seems to have everything, or someone who doesn’t like clutter … perhaps they wouldn’t appreciate a gift of an object, however carefully chosen!

Good for the recipient; Good for the World

Trees are amazingly good for the environment!

When it is hot, they provide shade and a cool place; they stabilize the ground and prevent soil erosion. When it is windy they provide shelter; they improve soil quality, and help to prevent floods. Their flowers provide nectar and pollen for bees and other insects, their leaves and bark provide food and shelter for insects and other small creatures, and their fruits and nuts provide food for animals including humans! As the leaves of a tree photosynthesise, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and produce oxygen. This is one of the key reasons why we think trees are great; they remove the main ‘waste’ gas that we and other animals breathe out, and produce the oxygen that we need to live. This ability of trees is crucial in this time of increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which scientists believe is the main reason for climate change. Trees actually capture carbon from the environment and keep it safely in their wood where it cannot become a ‘green house gas’.

Alongside our Dedicate a Tree gifts, we also offer other Nature Dedications, including Nature Ponds and wildflower meadows.

Who could you Dedicate a Tree for?

We think almost anyone would like a Tree Dedication!

The friend who loves trees but doesn’t have room in their garden?

A new baby – their tree will grow with them!

The older relative who would love to plant a tree but can’t manage it?

The younger relative who keeps moving from one place to another?

How about your friend or relative who flies a lot, and perhaps is starting to feel a bit guilty about their ‘carbon foot print’? We have a Carbon Offsetting tree planting scheme which would be perfect for them.

When could you dedicate a tree?

There are so many times when a tree dedication is the perfect gift!

A new tree is considered a symbol of new life, and of good health and a bright future. So its the perfect gift at the Birth of a new baby or to commemorate their christening or naming ceremony – as they grow up they can visit the tree and watch it grow!

As an extra special Wedding present – how lovely to mark the start of a new life together with a new tree!

Many cultures acknowledge the importance of Mother Earth and Father Sun; a tree has roots in the earth and reaches to the sun for life sustaining energy. At Make it Wild we think that makes a tree dedication a perfect gift for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The shape of a tree with its intricate ever spreading branches is like a family tree, and a tree dedication makes a lovely gift for any member of the family, showing that we are all connected.

Some people think of trees as immortal, because they can live for hundreds of years. Even when they eventually die and fall to the ground they go on supporting all kinds of life. this might be why tree dedications are a popular way to remember the passing away of a loved one.

Why Dedicate a Tree with Make it Wild?

At Make it Wild, we make your tree dedication that bit more personal! The tree will be planted for you in one of our beautiful North Yorkshire Nature Reserves.  If you dedicate a tree, we will let you know exactly which tree you have dedicated, and where it is. We will send you a personalised certificate, with a message of your choice for the lucky person who will receive the dedication. You can come to our nature reserve and see the tree, and hug it if you wish – or we will be delighted to hug it for you!

Don’t forget that we also offer dedications of beautiful old trees in our Ancient Woodland. If you prefer, you can also dedicate a living bouquet or one of our nature ponds.