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Perhaps you are conscious of the impact of flights you’ve taken. Maybe you drive long distances, or heat your home with fossil fuels. The best way we can address this is, of course, to make some changes to our lifestyle, and to reduce our use of fossil fuels. But that can be very difficult, and sometimes these things are beyond our control.

If you wish to offset your carbon footprint, the first step is to estimate its size. To help, here some approximate figures, in tonnes of carbon dioxide, emitted by the following activities:

  • a typical long-haul flight per person: 3 tonnes
  • ten thousand miles driving in a typical family petrol car: 5 tonnes
  • new clothes, accessories per person per year: 1 tonne
  • recreation, leisure, entertainment per person per year: 2 tonnes
  • heating a typical UK home for a year: 3 tonnes
  • lighting, household appliances, per person per year: 2 tonnes
  • eating beef once per day for a year: 2.5 tonnes

If you want to calculate your carbon footprint, we recommend this carbon calculator for household and travel:  http://www.carbon-calculator.org.uk/

To consider the impact of your diet, we recommend this article, which includes a carbon calculator: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46459714

How can Make it Wild help?

We will plant trees for you! All you need to do is decide how many tonnes of carbon dioxide you would like to offset.

In order to allow for natural losses, we will allocate more trees than the minimum required.

Our Carbon Offsetting through Tree Planting for individuals is offered in multiples of 5 tonnes.

If you wish to purchase carbon offsetting, you can do this simply online, by clicking here.

If you would like to take responsibility for your ongoing carbon footprint, without the hassle of remembering to buy it, you might like our new Carbon Offsetting Subscription plans.

What will I get?

Uniquely, at Make it Wild, we have all our trees photographed by drone, so you can see exactly which trees you have paid for. This short clip explains more:

Drone photography of our young trees

In addition to planting trees for you, we will send you a certificate showing:

  • how many tonnes of carbon dioxide you have offset
  • a map showing the location of the trees we have planted
  • an aerial photograph showing the exact trees you’ve paid for

We will also send you a ‘badge’ which you can use to show the world what you’re doing to protect the environment.

What are the benefits for me?

We believe that one of the best possible ways to compensate for some or all of your unavoidable personal carbon footprint, is through planting trees.

At Make it Wild We are absolutely transparent about our trees – they will be planted in Summerbridge, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. From the aerial photograph we will send you, you will know exactly where they are. You can be sure that your trees will be well looked after, in Bank Woods, or Dowgill Grange our protected nature reserves. We have a great record for tree planting, and woodland creation – we planted our 50,000th tree in 2021.

How can I find out more?

If you have any further questions, please

  • email us on info@makeitwild.co.uk
  • call us on 07795605406
  • see our Carbon Mitigation product information for individuals here, or the subscription option here
  • attend one of our free Carbon Mitigation Information Events – keep an eye on our social media for forthcoming dates
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