We were delighted acquire, in 2021, a piece of land adjacent to Sylvan Nature Reserve, to enlarge our land-holding there.

At around the same time we planted our first trees at Sylvan, in 2011, our neighbours at Windmill Hill were planting an orchard, a vineyard and lots of native deciduous trees . It has not been under intense agriculture, for some time, and is perfect to ‘give back to nature’.

We’ve planted a wide mixed hedge interspersed with oaks, and also mixed native trees which are available for you to dedicate. You can also dedicate our newly dug wildlife ponds, which make an unusual gift. In due course, we will sow a wildflower meadow. A number of businesses have sponsored woodlands here.

If you are keen on supporting woodland birds, you can sponsor one of the many nest boxes we have put up.

Windmill Hill is not generally open to the public, but you can visit your dedicated tree, by special arrangement – just get in touch info@makeitwild.co.uk!

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

Nelson Henderson