Make it Wild are delighted to work with a trusted partner to plant mangrove trees by the thousand, in Kenya.

Mangrove trees are ideally suited to the salty area between sea and land, in tropical parts of the world. The trees typically live for 25 – 30 years, and may grow up to 25 metres tall. They are usually densely packed, with characteristic entangled surface roots growing from each trunk. At high tide, these roots become aquatic.

Carbon Sequestration by Mangroves

An accepted estimate is that an individual mangrove tree can sequester approximately 0.3 tonnes of CO2 over its typical 25 years of growing life.

The trees usually grow densely packed together. The soils in which they grow also holds a large amount of carbon, and research is ongoing to quantify this.

Additional Benefits

This is so much more than a simple carbon offsetting scheme! Our partner works closely with local communities. When they plant mangrove trees for us, they ensure that people in need are given meaningful work, a living wage, and support them with health insurance and other benefits.

To see a film of the mangroves which have already been planted by Make it Wild, click here.

What is special about planting mangrove trees?

Here are some of the reasons why mangroves are so amazing: they…

  • are evergreen, and grow all year round, gaining 10-15 cm per year
  • stabilize the coastline, protecting it from high tides, tropical storms and tsunamis
  • form a peat-like soil, which absorbs rainfall and protects the environment from storm surges, reducing the risk of coastal flooding
  • provide meaningful work through their planting and care, which helps to eradicate poverty and empower people in the local community
  • provide shelter and breeding habitat for fish and marine invertebrates – supporting biodiversity, and food for local people
  • offer nesting area for coastal birds, helping biodiversity

How this works for you

Our international carbon offsetting through planting mangroves scheme offers multiples of 5 or 10 tonnes of CO2.

Using the above estimates of carbon sequestration per mangrove tree, and assuming 75% of the trees planted reach 25 years of age, we calculate that to offset 10 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide requires 43 mangroves to be planted.

We will send you, by email, a certificate showing how many tonnes of carbon dioxide you have offset. It will also include a map of the area where your mangroves are planted, and a picture of young mangroves.

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How can I find out more?

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