Christopher Neave Co-Founder and Director

What do you do for Make it Wild?

Helen and I set up Make It Wild together. I love being outside on the nature reserves, doing the stuff that needs doing. When at my desk, I often get stuck into the detail e.g. planning and organising projects, such as tree planting, and doing the admin that comes with running a business.

Make it Wild is our response to the ecological crisis. I could not stand by and just watch nature’s continual decline. I had to get out there and do something.

Helen Neave Co-Founder and Director

What do you do for Make it Wild?

I set up Make it Wild with my husband, Christopher. I manage our website, products, events, social media and the creative side of things.

Why is the work of Make it Wild important to you? Make it Wild was set up with one fundamental aim – to address biodiversity loss. We couldn’t stand by, we had to do something. Along side this, we feel it is crucial to spread our love and enthusiasm for nature, and we are delighted that so many volunteers get involved in our work, and people come for walks on our various sites.


Lesley Coleman Projects Manager  (P/T)

I am Projects Manager for Make it Wild with my main role being the co-ordination of the volunteer programme. I also manage the certification of our carbon offsetting through tree planting, as well as performing other tasks as they arise.

Make it Wild inspires others to take action. Everyone is aware of the impact of humans on nature and to be part of a company which is actually making a difference is an honour. On a personal level, since being involved with the company I have become more aware of the process of rewilding and have gained many practical skills.

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Michael Bird Conservation Land Manager  (P/T)

I undertake the land management and practical work on our nature reserves. We have thousands of trees both newly planted and ancient to care for, footpaths to maintain, dry stone walls to rebuild, conservation animals to look after so a working day is never dull!

I believe that rewilding our landscapes, farming practices, lifestyles and mentalities will be key to human survival on this planet as a part of the ecosytems that we are currently destroying . I am really proud to work for an organisation that is taking positive practical action to rewild in lots of different ways, as well as educating people and enabling them to do the same.


Claire Proctor Company Accounts Manager (P/T)

I work behind the scenes, keeping the detailed numbers for Chris & Helen so they have the data to drive the expansion of a sustainable AND economic business.

Why is the work of Make it Wild important to you?

I love woodlands for both walking and their beauty. Helping Helen and Chris build these fantastic environments, even in a small way, helps to make the world a better place.

Lydia Neave Dedications executive (P/T)

My role is mainly behind the scenes, managing dedications. People can dedicate saplings, veteran trees, woodlands, wildflowers, and ponds, as gifts or in memory of a loved one. I consult with customers to produce the dedication certificates to their liking. I also enjoy getting my hands dirty on volunteer days.

Why is the work of Make it Wild important to you?

Make it Wild’s purpose is to protect the natural environment. One of the things that brings me the most joy in life is nature, and one of my biggest passions is sustainability and environmentalism.


Ines Kisielewski Partnerships Executive (P/T)

I help with client project management and building new partnerships between businesses and Make it Wild. I also support Helen with managing social media for the company and generally assist Helen and Chris in their very important work.

Why is the work of Make it Wild important to you? My love for conservation developed when I was studying Environment and Business at University. I discovered Make it Wild in my first year, and have since always looked up to the work the company is doing. Rewilding is a crucial element to responding to the detrimental effects we are having on the environment.

Cecilia Neave General Assistant (P/T)

I help out with various aspects of Make it Wild, including assisting with social media, writing blogs, and volunteering on the nature reserves.

Growing up I always had a passion for nature and therefore the protection of it. I went on to study Environment and Business at university, further solidifying my understanding of sustainability. Make it Wild in an example of everything corporations should be in this day and age!


Joe Lawrence Conservation Intern (P/T)

I help with practical work on the nature reserves, be it pond landscaping, gorse management, tending to planted trees, and most recently relocating frogspawn into our ponds to give them a chance at survival! Every day there’s a new and exciting task!

It’s my belief that fighting the climate and ecological crisis is of the utmost importance, so finding an organisation committing to this by restoring and rewilding our woodlands and ecosystems fills me with such hope.