The Flora and Fauna of Sylvan

by Stephanie Kuunal Sylvan is a hidden treasure to both nature lovers and conservationists alike. Like many others during the pandemic, I turned to the outdoors to improve my mental health. I also had another motive. As an ecology graduate, I wanted to ...
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Tree Planting in Numbers

Total so far: 50,167 trees by 2nd April 2021 Dacre Woodlands Planting We plant trees in all our nature reserves. We have found they are the best way to encourage nature into the spaces we create for biodiversity. They provide habitat, shelter...
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Nature Connectedness

by Tom Barron, Psychologist, Pocketcoach Throughout history, humans have been undeniably entwined with nature. Our relationship with nature is crucial, as without nature, there is no 'us'. We depend on it for everything, from the air we breathe to the w...
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what is ancient woodland

Ancient Woodlands – what’s all the fuss about?

At Make it Wild, we are proud to say that our Bank Woods Nature Reserve is home to around 20 acres of ancient woodland. Ancient woodland is an important and irreplaceable part of nature, but according to the Woodland Trust, it now covers only 2.4% of the U...
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Father’s Day – Its origins – and a Special Offer!

When is Father's Day? In the UK and USA  we celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, and in 2020 that's 21st June. In European Roman Catholic culture 'fatherhood' was traditionally celebrated on St Joseph's day, 19th March, and this date is ...
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sylvan walk

Forgotten Bridge and Lost Beach – a walk around Sylvan Nature Reserve

Guest blog by Paul Kirkwood Twenty years ago, there was no public access to the River Nidd south of Kirk Hammerton Mill. Since then a looped bridleway has been established following efforts led by a villager, the late Wyn Evans. The Sylvan Nature Reserv...
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carbon offsetting subscription

Business Woodland Sponsorship

Would you like to be able to share your ‘green’ credentials as part of your marketing strategy? Our business woodland sponsorship might be just what you're looking for! Fifteen young trees, a plaque with your logo and fantastic PR opportunities! We've m...
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Open Country – Guest Blog

Harrogate-based charity, Open Country, gives people with a disability the chance to get out into the countryside by providing a variety of activities including walking, cycling, conservation, nature study and outings. With nearly 30 years of experience in ...
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Make it Wild – Tree Planting in Numbers

Our Tree Planting total so far Since we started , we have planted 36,115 trees! 20,020 at Sylvan Nature Reserve, Kirk Hammerton 7,295 at Bank Woods, Summerbridge, Nidderdale 8,800 at Dougill Grange, Summerbridge, Nidd...
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Can we be Green during Quarantine?

By Lydia Neave Before we start, I think it is important to stress that this blog is in no way making light of the current situation, and we are taking it very seriously. In times like these, health is always the priority. Anything you can do (or not do)...
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organic bees wax wrap

Bees Wax Wraps: the Low-Down

Lydia Neave, Marketing Assistant The best thing since sliced bread is … bread that stays fresh, wrapped in a natural, 100% compostable, plastic free food wrap. For us at Make it Wild, cling film is a thing of the past - we can’t imagine life withou...
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To Rewild or Not to Rewild, that is the Question

by Lydia Neave, Marketing Assistant Rewilding is a form of conservation aimed at letting nature return to its once very wild state. It is based on the assumption that if we left the natural world alone to look after itself, it could repair the damag...
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planting trees in yorkshire

We’ve planted 25,000 trees!

At Make it Wild we are celebrating planting 25,000 trees in Yorkshire! On our 26 acres near Kirk Hammerton, York, we planted 18,000 trees in 2011. Due to the River Nidd being on our boundary, and the land being prone to flooding, the soil is very fertil...
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