Full Circle Funerals

Full Circle Funerals are modern, innovative funeral directors based in various towns in Yorkshire. They put the families they support, and their responsibility to the planet at the heart of their work. They have recently become the first funeral directors in the UK to become a Certified B Corps. As well as paying for Make it Wild to plant trees, they have volunteered and helped us with tree maintenance tasks.

Sarah Jones, Founder and Director said

“Since Full Circle Funerals was founded in 2016, we have work hard to understand how our work and business impacts on the environment.  We have a strong commitment to sustainability but initially struggled to work out how to focus our efforts to have the biggest impact.  Helen and Chris helped us to calculate our emissions and then to understand how to offset everything that we were not immediately able to change to renewable energy sources.”

“The real beauty in working with Make It Wild is that it is not just about randomly planting trees – it is about so much more than that!  As my understanding has grown, I realise that I really landed on my feet when I met Helen and Chris.  Everything they do is thought-out and they are so very knowledgeable.  I know that by working with them, we are contributing to biodiversity and creating habitats and that this also supports their work to reconnect people with nature.  Their dual focus on nature and human well-being is aligned with our values and I cannot recommend them enough!”

Ape Sustainability Consultancy

Director, Mark Shayler has worked with clients on making their operations more sustainable for many years through his business Ape. He had always found it difficult to advise them where they should choose to offset their unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

He said “I have searched for years to find an organisation to whom I could refer clients with real confidence.

That was until I found Make it Wild. A family business that is truly passionate about regenerating land for the benefit of nature. They care about wildlife and soil and climate change. They’re busy protecting habitat and creating new woodlands. They plant thousands of trees and offer carbon offsetting in North Yorkshire. In fact, my clients can and do visit the trees planted on their behalf. I have no hesitation in recommending Make it Wild.”     

In-Site Properties

In-Site Properties own and manage industrial properties in Northern England and Scotland.

They said “We care about climate change and want to play our part by reducing our carbon output. Luckily we heard about Make it Wild. They calculated our footprint and planted trees on our behalf. They look after our trees, replacing one if it should die and managing the growth going forward.  They do it so well we bought trees for our corporate gifts last Christmas, sending individuals a certificate showing where their tree was planted. The response was overwhelming. The Make it Wild team are a joy to work with, 5 stars for all round perfect service.” 

Truth Legal

Truth Legal are a firm of solicitors based in Harrogate and Leeds, specializing in personal injury, clinical negligence and employment law.

Andrew Gray, Solicitor and Founder said:

“Very simply, the planet needs more people like Helen, Chris and all the team at Make It Wild. They make the world a better place. We like to think that we are an ethical business, trying to do the right thing: in Make it Wild we have found a kindred spirit.

As a law firm, partnering with Make It Wild is one of the best decisions that we have ever made. In 2020, in collaboration with Make it Wild, we secured our woodlands of 1,500 gorgeous, growing trees: one tree for each client we have had. Take a look at the stunning drone footage of our woodlands on our site.

Not only do we admire their tree-planting, but also their commitment to enhancing biodiversity. As a business, we recommend partnering with them, for the long-term, just as we have done.”

Can we plant trees for you?

We can plant a tree per client, a tree per order, trees for carbon offsetting, or whatever suits you best. You can let us know how many trees you would like us to plant monthly, quarterly or annually to suit your business.

You can calculate your carbon footprint here.

Or get in touch to start the conversation: info@makeitwild.co.uk

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller