fast fashion

Fast Fashion: Part 1

Part 1 - What's the Problem? The fashion sector is massive, with 6% of all UK consumer expenditure being on clothing and shoes in 2015 and 555,000 people employed in fashion related industries in the UK alone. This means that as an industry its impact i...
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markets in north yorkshire

Markets and Events – Spring and Summer 2019

At Make it Wild, we have enjoyed getting back into the routine of our regular markets in North Yorkshire, and some special events too, this Spring. We have been busy behind the scenes selecting and testing some lovely new eco-friendly products. We have jus...
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turtle approved

Turtle Approved

At Make It Wild we are very proud to have been recently (January 2019) awarded "Turtle Approved" certification. This award was made by an independent international organisation. This means we are recognised as a business that does not distribute disposabl...
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sylvan walk

“… Watch Nature Flourish in all its Glory”

Last year we were happy to welcome Tammy on a visit to Bank Woods – she worked with Chris fifteen years ago, and was curious to see our new venture. This week she shared this poem with us. We are so pleased that she was moved to write about Make it Wil...
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Scalpel to Spade

How this surgeon ended up planting trees   I always wanted to be a surgeon! After a long training, I was appointed Consultant ENT Surgeon at a large teaching hospital. Alongside my work with patients, I was actively involved in teaching. I stud...
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Make it wild markets

Make it Wild Markets – Autumn and Winter 2018

Make it Wild Markets At Make it Wild we have thoroughly enjoyed getting out and meeting people at markets and pop-up events over the last few months. It has been great fun talking to people about our Nature Reserves, Tree Dedications, and our range of eco-...
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What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity is the existence of a wide variety of plant and animal species living in their natural environment. When is International Biodiversity Day? International Biodiversity Day is on 22nd May each year. It was set up by the U...
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Why Dedicate a Tree?

'Dedicate a Tree' gifts are growing in popularity, and that's no surprise to us! Even before we set up Make it Wild, we had already given and exchanged gifts of dedications of trees in our family. We think it's a great idea! A Dedication gift is perfect fo...
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fathers day special

Father’s Day – things you might not know

When is Father's Day? In the UK and USA  we celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, and in 2019 that's 16th June. In European Roman Catholic culture 'fatherhood' was traditionally celebrated on St Joseph's day, 19th March, and this date is still...
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what is world environment day

What is World Environment Day?

What is World Environment Day? The United Nations General Assembly founded World Environment Day in 1974. It takes place every year in June 5th. It is the UN's main annual event to encourage awareness all around the world, about the importance of protecting...
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festival essentials

Eco Friendly Festivals

Festival season is just around the corner! Make sure you’re an eco friendly festival goer! Glastonbury is back, and we are delighted they have banned single use plastic water bottles! Latitude in Suffolk and Bestival in Dorset  have great line ups. Whereve...
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wild watch

Wild Watch at Bank Woods

We are very pleased to be hosting a survey route as part of the Nidderdale AONB’s Wild Watch. As a new nature reserve we are very interested to learn what species we already have on our site at Bank Woods. The site has a number of different habitats, inclu...
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Archaeology, Flowers and Birds

I spent a wonderful few hours at Bank Woods on Monday 30th April 2018, in the company of Nigel Heptinstall. He is a local man and an enthusiast for nature and the environment. He kept denying that he is an expert, but he is certainly very knowledgeable abou...
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