sylvan walk

“… Watch Nature Flourish in all its Glory”

30th January 2019

Last year we were happy to welcome Tammy on a visit to Bank Woods – she worked with Chris fifteen years ago, and was curious to see our new venture. This week she shared this poem with us. We are so pleased that she was moved to write about Make it Wild!

We try our very best to make our nature reserves places where plants, mammals and birds can find a refuge – and flourish! We work very hard, planting trees, creating new habitats like ponds and scrapes, and encouraging regeneration. There is a lot of desk work behind this activity which can be frustrating – but each day we spend at Sylvan or at Bank Woods, we see more wildlife and we know that we are succeeding in our aim to Put Nature First!

Here is Tammy’s poem.

Make It Wild

To give the chance for nature to be seen, 

Where all colours may live, not simply lush green.

Where, in tune with peace and harmony,

We breathe life back into the earth, and let it run free.

To welcome all creatures great and small, 

Seeking to nourish, provide and fight for all.

Where once was unoccupied, or rarely visited,

Flourishes now, encouraged, not limited.

Our heartfelt message we hope to share,

By providing a step towards our planet’s care.

Let us nurture the nature that is within our reach,

To give them rights, their own freedom of speech.

Make It Wild – a concept, an idea,

One we’d like the world to hear. 

Join us on this journey, follow our story, 

Quite simply watch nature flourish in all its glory.

Tammy Murray, November 2018

Inspired by Helen & Chris Neave, Co-Founders of Make It Wild