You may have noticed that many of our ‘plastic-free’ products are actually bamboo products. This is because it is one of the most sustainable manufacturing materials there is.

It grows almost like a weed in some parts of the world. You will find many bamboo products available to replace single use plastic. Bamboo has many features that make it sustainable:

It does not need irrigation, pesticides or chemical fertilisers
It is actually a type of grass, so when it is cut down, it grows back from its roots just like a lawn!
After being cut, it grows back rapidly, and can be ready to harvest again in 3 years
It is more efficient at photosynthesis than trees, producing 35% more oxygen than an equal area of trees
It absorbs carbon dioxide, preventing it from entering the atmosphere

In addition to all this, growing bamboo provides an excellent structure to prevent soil erosion, which is very important in hilly areas.

It is a very useful replacement for cotton and synthetic fibres in the manufacture of clothing. The growing and processing of cotton uses a huge amount of water and chemicals, and can be very bad for the environment.

Bamboo is very strong, and is used for scaffolding, and as material for building houses and even bridges! At Make it Wild we offer a range of bamboo products including toothbrushes and cutlery. We think they’re ideal for travelling – why not give them a try?