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Eco Friendly Festivals

4th May 2018

Festival season is just around the corner! Make sure you’re an eco friendly festival goer!

Glastonbury is back, and we are delighted they have banned single use plastic water bottles! Latitude in Suffolk and Bestival in Dorset  have great line ups. Wherever you go, it is important to be aware of the environmental impact of the festival, and the role you personally can play in minimising it! Many festival organisers try hard to minimise the environmental impact of their event. For example they may offer dedicated coaches to the event – this is a great idea, as the carbon footprint of a coach is much less per person than if everyone arrived by car. They should also offer prominent recycling bins, which separate waste materials for easier recycling.

But what can you personally do to be an eco friendly festival goer?

Firstly – travel light. This reduces the carbon footprint of your travel, and makes it easier when you’re trekking across the site looking for a place to set up. It also makes it easier to do the second important thing – take everything home! However muddy your wellies get, take them home and wash them, don’t leave them to become someone else’s problem, or worse, to litter the environment.

Think carefully about what you take, especially how you can avoid single use plastic. Take a reusable water bottle. Our FOSH bottles are fantastic, lightweight and hard-wearing, with a loop to secure to your backpack. You’ll be wanting to sparkle, but make sure your glitter is biodegradable.

At Make it Wild we have a few products which might help.

Our bamboo toothbrushes are very light; if you really don’t want to take it home it can go in the compostable waste bins.
Our bamboo cutlery is perfect to take to festivals – it is light to carry, very strong, and naturally antibacterial. Simply rinse under the tap and reuse! Once again, if you really don’t want to use it at home, it can be harmlessly composted.
If you like to drink through a straw, try our bamboo straws!
Think about your personal products too. Disposable wipes are a nightmare for the environment. Try our washable reusable organic cotton washcloth. And to make sure your lips stay kissable whatever the weather, try our vegan organic lip balm, which comes in a cute metal tin. You won’t want to be without deodorant – ours is vegan and comes in a cardboard tube.

To make it easy for you to be an eco friendly festival goer, we have a special offer, our Festival Essentials Kit for just £24 – Get festival styled with Make it Wild!