reduce reuse recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle

8th March 2018

At Make it Wild, we reduce, reuse, recycle whenever we can! We are very concerned about sustainability, and so we care very much about what we use for our business. It is our intention that our business activities have the minimum impact on the earth and its resources. This is the essence of sustainability. We wish to use only materials which are renewable without damaging the environment, and which we can reused or recycle or preferably allow to harmlessly break down by composting, in a way which will not harm the earth or the oceans.

You may have read in Our Ethos about the choices we have made about the types of products we will sell. But our views about sustainability determine much more than which products we will sell!

One of the choices we have made is about our packaging. Most of the products we have chosen to sell through our website are reasonably robust; we did not want to sell anything that would have needed polystyrene or bubble wrap. That’s the ‘reduce’ part!

For the ‘re-use’ element, you will discover that much of our packaging is re-used. The wrapping paper we have sourced to wrap any products that need wrapping is recycled and recyclable; your package may be tied with jute string which is compostable. Any labels or tags will be printed on recycled paper … and ultimately the whole of our packaging can be recycled with paper or cardboard through your usual recycling routes, or it can be torn up and put on your compost heap.

Why not reduce reuse recycle with Make it Wild!