Terms and Conditions – Carbon Offsetting


  1. Make it Wild’s key objective is to create new, permanent nature reserves where native flora and fauna can flourish. This includes planting many different species of UK-native trees to establish naturalistic, biodiverse woodlands.
  2. Many of these trees are made available to be allocated to the third-party Partners to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Once allocated, these trees will be reserved for that Partner in perpetuity. It is Make it Wild’s intention to permanently maintain all the woodlands they create as places of sanctuary for nature. The trees will never be cut down for timber, nor will the land they grow on be used for any other type of development.
  4. Young trees are at their most vulnerable in the first five years of their life. Make it Wild will protect the trees from the effects of extremes of weather, competing vegetation, animal browsing and other forms of damage. Any trees lost within five years will be replaced. Beyond that time-period replacement is not contractual.
  5. The Partner will not own the trees allocated, or the land on which they are planted.

Purchasing Allocated Trees

  1. The trees allocated for carbon offsetting are photographed and mapped from the air and their precise position is recorded in digital form. This data is securely held by Make it Wild.
  2. Partners can purchase the carbon that these trees will accrue over their lifetime. This offset is based on a calculation of the carbon dioxide (CO2) they will, on average, absorb from the atmosphere in the first 40 years of their growth.
  3. This CO2 offset can be purchased as a one-off amount in units of 10 Tonnes or in regular monthly amounts in the form of a carbon offsetting Subscription.
  4. In the case of a Subscription, the projected amount for the year is divided into 12 equal instalments and the cost is collected by monthly Direct Debit. An existing Subscription plan can be chosen, or a bespoke plan can be created for whatever size of offset that is needed. The trees for the full year ahead are allocated at the beginning of the Subscription and a Certificate issued showing that full year’s trees.
  5. On or before the anniversary of the Subscription plan’s inception (and on every subsequent anniversary) Make it Wild will contact the Partner to establish whether the size of the plan needs to be adjusted upwards or downwards to reflect the scale of the offset needed for the subsequent year. A new allocation of trees in one of Make it Wild’s nature reserves will be made and a new Certificate will be issued.
  6. The Partner should give no less than 3 months’ notice to Make it Wild should they wish to close their carbon offsetting Subscription.
  7. In the event of a Subscription being closed before the anniversary of its inception, then Make it Wild reserve the right to release any trees, for which the projected carbon content is surplus to quantity that has been purchased at that point, to another Partner to contribute to their offset.