Our ethos

“It’s not our aim to protect nature, it’s our purpose”

At Make it Wild, our intentions are to:

  • encourage a greater understanding and love of nature
  • actively improve the habitat and biodiversity on our sites
  • promote ecologically sound practices, in land management, building, and life!
  • educate people about the benefits of protecting the natural environment
  • educate people about the risks of climate change and steps to mitigate against it

We will run our business responsibly, and sustainably. Any profits will be used to fulfil our intentions above. We will plant trees, dig ponds, restore wild-flower hay meadows and protect ancient woodland!

We have carefully selected the range of eco-friendly products we offer. They are all ethically and sustainably sourced and manufactured, and plastic free. Most are vegan. They all help you to live with less plastic, or to support the planet in other ways. All our suppliers share our ethos of wanting to minimise their impact on the environment and are working towards a sustainable future. We dispatch our online orders in reused and/or recycled plastic free materials which are ultimately recyclable. Please don’t be surprised to receive packaging that clearly had a former life!

Our Carbon Mitigation through Tree Planting scheme is a different way to support the planet. We encourage you to reduce your carbon footprint as much as you can. If you wish to offset any that remains, we will plant trees for you! Our new subscription plans make it really easy. 

Our new and growing range of activities is based in the woods and on the land at  Sylvan Nature Reserve, Bank Woods,  and Heather Lea. They are all designed to bring you to a closer connection with nature

The short film below tells a little more about the story behind Make it Wild. We hope you enjoy it!

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein