It is scientifically recognised that being outside, particularly in a woodland, brings many health benefits. This is the basis of ‘Forest bathing’ which is a now a very important part of preventative healthcare and healing in Japanese medicine.

We also know that mindfulness helps with physical and mental health. It helps us to feel calm, to face whatever life may throw at us, and helps us to stay true to our values. Mindfulness can also help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, and improve sleep.

Natural Mindfulness Walks bring these together. The aim of these walks is to encourage participants towards a greater connection with nature. This has many benefits, explained in detail here.

We will take a guided walk around our young woodlands and wildflower meadows at Sylvan Nature Reserve, Kirk Hammerton, or through our ancient woodlands and meadows at Bank Woods, Summerbridge. We will walk slowly and calmly, enjoying the beauty we can see, hear, feel and smell. We might even taste some of the leaves, flowers and fruits we encounter. Helen, your guide, will explain some of the features of Nature that we can experience at the particular time of your walk. She will share the significance of these, and what they meant to our ancestors. We will stop at intervals to enjoy guided mindfulness experiences.

If you have questions about the trees, flowers, birds and mammals we will see, I will be happy to help. If you would rather focus on mindfulness, I will be equally happy!

The whole walk will take around one and half hours. Every walk will be different – with a different route and different experiences. Tickets cost £12.50.

To book your place, please click here.

We are also very happy to arrange an exclusive walk for a group of friends, family or colleagues, on a date to suit you. The cost for this is £125 for a maximum group size of ten people. We can also arrange an afternoon tea which can be enjoyed as a picnic after your walk, in a magical woodland clearing. Please email to discuss your private walk.

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Bayo Akomolafe