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Tree Planting in Numbers

27th March 2021

Total so far: 55,988 trees by 5th April 2022

Dacre Woodlands Planting

We plant trees in all our nature reserves. We have found they are the best way to encourage nature into the spaces we create for biodiversity.

They provide habitat, shelter and food for countless insects, birds and mammals. They stabilise soil, help to alleviate flooding, improve air quality, provide wind breaks, absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. And more than that – they’re beautiful!

The numbers we have planted in each of our locations are as follows:-

20,023 at Sylvan Nature Reserve, Kirk Hammerton, York

8,678 at Bank Woods, Summerbridge, Nidderdale

19,957 at Dowgill Grange, Summerbridge, Nidderdale

4,846 at Dacre Woodlands, Dacre, Nidderdale

34 at Wilsill Memorial Woodland, Wilsill, Nidderdale

2,050 at Windmill Hill, Kirk Hammerton, York

400 at Skipbridge Nature Reserve, Green Hammerton, York

Our Contribution to the Northern Forest

In 2018, we pledged to plant a further 100,000 trees in the next decade, as part of the Northern Forest. Since we made the pledge, there have been four planting seasons, and we have planted a total of 36,003 trees!

The charts below show our progress towards that goal.

Towards our Northern Forest Target – Each square represents 1,000 trees

Volunteering opportunities

Would you like to help us with tree planting, looking after our young trees, or other nature conservation tasks?

See here for more information. Or email