Make it wild markets

Make it Wild Markets – Autumn and Winter 2018

7th October 2018

Make it Wild Markets

At Make it Wild we have thoroughly enjoyed getting out and meeting people at markets and pop-up events over the last few months. It has been great fun talking to people about our Nature Reserves, Tree Dedications, and our range of eco-friendly products.

We have been delighted that people who have bought things from us at a market often pop back to see us the following month to tell us how great the product was! This has happened particularly for our Bees Wax Food-wraps, and our lovely locally made Shampoo Bars. We love to think about how much plastic we have kept out of the environment, even with just these products alone!

Our Make it Wild markets are a great place for us to ‘try out’ new products. We are pleased to say that two of the most recent additions to our range have been very popular at our markets. They are now available on our website too – FOSH Reusable Bottles and  stylish reusable coffee cups, which come in striking colours, and are manufactured to a very high quality, and also our very own Reusable Makeup Wipes. These are two more products which help to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

Another advantage of markets over our online shop is that customers can see and touch the products. This is particularly useful for our ‘Luxury’ Bamboo Straws . They are extra-long, and really high quality which isn’t easy to show in a photograph. Complete with a carrying pouch and cleaning brush, they are another lovely way to banish single use plastic from your life!

If you would like to say hello, and see our products in real life, these are our forthcoming market dates:

make it wild markets