Carbon offsetting by planting trees: Make it Wild can plant trees on your behalf if you would like to offset your carbon footprint.

Our intention is to create a space for wildlife, and to help to address climate change and global warming. Planting trees is an essential part of this.

We would like to help your business to help the planet, by planting trees on your behalf.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a potent greenhouse gas, and is a major contributor to climate change. When fossil fuels are burned, for example by manufacturing, heating, transport and travel, carbon that has been locked away for millions of years, is released back into the atmosphere. There, it traps the heat of the sun close to the Earth, causing its temperature to rise. Since the Industrial Revolution, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen by 40%.

Carbon offsetting is a method used to compensate for carbon emissions that an individual or business makes, by investing in projects that sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus preventing it acting as a greenhouse gas.

Trees play a crucial role in mitigating carbon emissions, as they absorb atmospheric CO2 through the process of photosynthesis,ultimately locking the carbon in their timber. Therefore, planting trees is the perfect way to offset your carbon footprint.

I want to offset my business’s Carbon Footprint – how do I start?

As a guide, the typical amount of carbon a business might choose to offset each year is:

  • 5 tonnes for a small business
  • 25 tonnes for a medium-sized business
  • 250 tonnes for a large business

If you would like to calculate your business’s carbon footprint, we recommend this online carbon calculator:

It is generally assumed that 1 tree will sequester 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime. This assumes that a tree will live and grow for 40 years, although of course many trees live much longer than this.

How can Make it Wild help?

We will plant trees for you!

Simply decide how many tonnes of carbon you would like your business to offset.

The cost is £12.50 plus VAT per tonne of carbon.

For each tonne of carbon you wish to offset, we will ensure one tree reaches maturity. In order to allow for natural losses, we will plant more than one tree per tonne.

To offset your carbon footprint on an ongoing basis, we can plant trees for your business annually.    

We are holding a Carbon Offsetting Event on 10th September 2019. Please book via Eventbrite if you would like to attend.

If you wish to simply go ahead and purchase the carbon offsetting, you can do this simply through our online shop, by clicking here.

What will my business get?

In addition to the trees being planted, we will send you:

  • a certificate showing how many tonnes of carbon you have offset
  • a map showing the location of the trees
  • an aerial photograph of the trees

We will also list your company as a Carbon Offsetting Partner on our website, with a link to your company website if you wish.

What are the benefits for my business?

Carbon offsetting through tree planting can help your business in a number of ways:

  • it is a fantastic way to fulfil your environmental policy and corporate social responsibilities
  • it will make your business attractive to the growing number of consumers who actively seek out businesses with “green” credentials
  • your customers, employees and business partners will be pleased to know that you are taking responsibility for your environmental impact
  • through calculating your carbon footprint, you may identify areas where you could use less energy, and thus save money
  • you can be proud that your business is helping nature – not only now but for decades to come

What are the Benefits for Nature?

Planting trees has endless benefits:

  • trees sequester CO2, removing it from the atmosphere which helps to address climate change
  • they clean the air of pollutants
  • trees attract insects, birds and small mammals, thus increasing biodiversity
  • they reduce flooding by absorbing water
  • trees stabilise soils and prevent soil erosion
  • they provide shade and shelter
  • trees are beautiful!
  • Woodlands are wonderful places that are important for our wellbeing

How can I find out more?

If you have any further questions, please

  • email us on
  • call us on 07795605406
  • see our Carbon Offsetting product information here     
  • attend our Carbon offsetting Launch Event – via Eventbrite