What are the benefits for me?

We believe that one of the best possible ways to compensate for some or all of your unavoidable carbon footprint, is through planting trees. We are absolutely transparent in the way we designate trees – the trees sequestering your carbon will be in Summerbridge, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. From the aerial photograph we will send you, you will know exactly where your trees are. You can be sure that your trees will be well looked after, in Bank Woods, or Dowgill Grange, our protected nature reserves. We have a great record for tree planting, and woodland creation, having planted our 50,000th tree in 2021.

What are the benefits for my business?

Carbon offsetting through tree planting can help your business in a number of ways:

  • it is a fantastic way to fulfil your environmental policy and corporate social responsibilities
  • it will make your business attractive to the growing number of consumers who actively seek out businesses with “green” credentials
  • you can display your certificate, which includes an aerial photograph of your trees
  • you can use your digital ‘badge’ anywhere you wish, to show everyone what you’re doing to help the planet
  • your customers, employees and business partners will be pleased to know that you are taking responsibility for your environmental impact
  • through calculating your carbon footprint, you may identify areas where you could use less energy, and thus save money
  • you can be proud that your business is helping nature – not only now but for decades to come

What are the Benefits for Nature?

Planting trees has endless benefits:

  • trees sequester CO2, removing it from the atmosphere which helps to address climate change
  • they clean the air of pollutants
  • trees attract insects, birds and small mammals, thus increasing biodiversity
  • they reduce flooding by absorbing water
  • trees stabilise soils and prevent soil erosion
  • they provide shade and shelter
  • trees are beautiful!
  • Woodlands are wonderful places that are important for our well-being

How can I find out more?

If you have any further questions, please

  • email us on info@makeitwild.co.uk
  • call us on 07795605406
  • see our Carbon Offsetting product information – for individuals here, and for businesses here
  • attend one of our free Carbon Offsetting Information Events – keep an eye on our social media for forthcoming dates
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